#BoybandPHWinners Fail

I never thought it would affect me so much right now. I’ve had time to sleep on it and, legit, my first thought was “Last night better have been a joke.”

Twitter was in uproar, with fans complaining about the results of the final episode of Pinoy Boyband Superstar. At least, it was an uproar under the hashtag #BoybandPHWinners.

I’ll start off by saying that I have no plans, in any way at all, of bashing Tristan Ramirez for getting the fourth spot. He is a good singer and the win was well-deserved but, for a boyband, he just doesn’t fit the image that most fans had expected.

Yes, the boyband has to captivate the attention of the public to succeed. This guy’s appeal is great for that, but it doesn’t feel like it is enough. Maybe I should hold off my opinion for when they’re already releasing music, but I think the producers have forgotten that the ‘elite’, or whatever you wanna call it, are also paying consumers. This guy doesn’t have much of an appeal, well in my perspective anyway, in that spectrum.

The other guy would have been perfect. (And I’m not saying this because he is a kpop fan, too.) He has the looks, the talent, the charisma for a boyband. Tony Labrusca not being there feels like such a waste of potential for the boyband.

As someone who has seen so many other survival shows, I was definitely expecting to feel a little disappointed. I already knew the final line-up to Monsta X but I still fell for Seokwon, Yoonho and #Gun. I didn’t even like Shownu, but I still end up fangirling over him sometimes. lol I can still accept Tristan becoming a member of the group, but for now I’m really skeptic over whether or not the group would be something to fangirl over.

That is because the biggest fail of the night was never something the fans could have predicted. The name of the boyband. The cringe is bad in this one. It is legit like taking a bunch of canned food and selling it under the name Canned Food. Much creativity. I applaud whoever came up with it. *facepalm*

That one tweet announcing the name of the boyband was probably the tweet with the funniest replies. Everyone was complaining about the name. But who wouldn’t be upset? They named the boyband BoybandPH.

Now, kpop has a fair share of groups with less than ideal names but they have their reasons behind the name, meanings that make it unique and acceptable. What’s the excuse behind BoybandPH? Did the producers forget they had to choose a name and panicked? Who even came up with it? Like, seriously?

It’s like an insult to the fans. Like, they’ve been supporting the show and then they get that name in return? It’s as if they’re mocking the fans. I mean The Boyband Project is pretty creative and catchy [and taken] but BoybandPH… *stares blankly at computer screen* WTF WERE YOU THINKING??? I get it if it’s the name of the show or the website but as the band’s official name?????????

I’m pretty much just ??????????????????????????????????-ing over the results.

Even the eliminated boys, members of what they call Boyband of the Weakest (they already have a better name smh) suggested names. One guy suggested UNI5ON, which would have been great! Another guy suggested Life5 or Live5, I don’t remember, and despite sounding like 5Live (T-T) it would have definitely been a better name.

Please, change the name. I’m sure a lot of fans would still be able to accept Tony not making it into the final line-up, but the name has got to go.

[MY OPINION! Obviously, this isn’t a news site, and I’m ranting so don’t get butthurt over nothing.]


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