My Thoughts On: KNK

I want to like KNK. I actually do like their songs, and I even bought their Remain album. But for some reason, I can’t like them past their music.

I mean, their funny and I have no doubt they’re also nice boys. I just can’t stan them as much as the groups that I do stan. (Which is why I kinda regret buying their album instead of a Pentagon album when I went to Seoul last Christmas….) I do, however, know all of their names (Youjin, Seungjun, Inseong, Jihun and Heejun) now so this opinion I have on them may change later on, though. Maybe. I’m not sure. I’ve gotten past that step so now I just have to remember who is who and find a bias (it’s probably Seungjun).

What I am sure of is that they have some really good songs. I would definitely recommend Knock, Back Again and U. Among their B-tracks, I’m only familiar with the ones on the Remain album so I can only suggest Stay, Beauty, and Goodbye. The other songs are good too, but those three would be my favorites.


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