My Thoughts On: iKON

Pre-debut iKON was my favorite iKON.

Not that post-debut iKON is bad or anything. It’s just that I haven’t been too impressed with their latest works. I mean, their songs are all great. There’s nothing wrong with them.

It may be because I expected too much from them. I’ve seen what they could do in the survival shows they were on. They were Team B on Who Is Next?, the show that debuted Winner, and then Chanwoo was added to the group at the end of Mix&Match. B.I and Bobby were on Show Me the Money 3 whilst filming for Mix&Match, too. I had no doubt about their talents or their passion for making music and performing.

So, songs I would recommend would be Bling Bling#WYDApology and Dumb&Dumber. But, of course, their pre-debut songs Long Time No See, Wait For Me and Sinosijak will always have a special place in my heart. Climax from their Team B days in W.I.N is also one of my favorites. (I recommend finding the translation for the lyrics of Climax, too.)



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